Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leggy legs legs

Warm-up: None needed. But run half a mile or so if you really want to.

Do this first part as a circuit 4-5 times as fast as you can:



Sets x Reps


Plyometric Side-to-side Push-ups

Body weight (on your feet or on your knees)

12-20 reps each side

Stack 1-3 25-35lbs plates on the ground as your platform

Kettle Bell Swings (one arm)

20- 50 lbs (whatever is comfortable without straining your back)

10-15 each side

Power from your hips

Speed Squats

Body weight


Squat down at least until your thighs are parallel to the ground, go further if you can


Bodyweight or with assistance


Overhead Walking Lunges

25 lb EZ bar + weight (5-10 lbs each side)

12-24 steps total

Keep elbows locked overhead to stabilize weight

Now do this:



Sets x Reps


Leg Press

Push yourself

3 x 12-15

Super-set leg press and ab exercises for added difficulty

Russian Twist and/or Double Crunches

10-15 lbs medicine ball or weight

3 x 10-12 each, or 25 of one exercise

Cool-Down: Stretch if you need to. Make a protein shake.

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