List of Exercises

If you don't know how to do an exercise based its name, look here (listed alphabetically):

Kettle Bell Swings: go to  This explains/shows it much better than I can. Courtesy of

Modified Push-ups (aka Girl Push-ups): Like normal push-ups, but on your knees.  Make sure to keep your abs tight and your pelvis tucked.  If you don't know what that means, it means this: Keep your butt down, but don't let your back sag.

Plyometric Push-ups (aka Marine Push-ups): Go down as in a normal push-up.  Push up hard enough to clap your hands before catching yourself on your way back down.

Plyometric Side-to-Side Push-ups: Stack 1 to 3, 25-35 lbs plates on the floor (you can also use phone/text books, wooden boxes, any type of STABLE 3-8" platform.  Just make sure it's STABLE.  I've made that mistake before.) Begin in normal push-up position with one hand on the platform and one hand on the floor.  Push up and switch sides of the platform so that the opposite hand is now on top of it.  This should all be one fluid motion such that your push up projects your upper body to the other side of the platform and allows you time to move your hand that was on the floor to the top of the platform. For an easier version, see side-to-side uneven push-ups or side-to-side push-ups or complete the exercise from a modified push-up position.

Side-to-Side Push-ups: Begin in a normal push-up position.  After performing one push-up, reposition your right hand so that it is right beside your left hand.  Move your left hand to the left until your hands are slightly wider than shoulder width apart again.  Perform one push-up.  Bring your left hand to meet your right hand, move your right hand to the right until your hands are once again shoulder width apart and perform one push-up.  Repeat.  Basically, you are just walking your hands from side to side in between each push-up.  Use modified position if needed.

Side-to-Side Uneven Push-ups: Performed the same as side-to-side push-ups, but with a platform under one hand, such that instead of walking your hands side-to-side on a flat surface between push-ups, you are moving your body to either side of a platform or stack of weights.  It's the same as a the plyometric side-to-side push-up without the explosiveness.