Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank Jason for this one

So I should be working on my senior thesis or even the attribute recognition project for strength and conditioning that is going to take me until my 30th birthday to finish, but instead, and in fact to avoid all of that, I'll post you another workout.

This one kicked my butt today. Officially. Thank you Jason because it was his idea.

Do this 4 times, without rest (5 if you can, but I didn't):

1 minute full-out SPRINT on a spin bike (med-high resistance)
5 Hang clean/Front squat (75 lbs, including barbell)
20 One-arm dumbbell snatch, as in 10 each arm (1st set: 40 lbs, 2nd set: 30 lbs, 3rd: 35 lbs, 4th: 30 lbs)
10 Forward giant jumps
40 Calf jumps

It sounds A LOT easier than it is so don't be fooled. Or do and then regret it later.

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