Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Remember how last time or the time before or sometime in the past I may have mentioned how I love my job? Well I take it back. I'm tired of it. So tired of it that you know what I did? I went to Starbucks on my first break since 3 p.m. yesterday and bought a doughnut. A chocolate one with frosting. (Although that's not entirely my fault because I told the guy behind to counter to surprise me and that's what he chose). But here's the real satisfaction: I proudly wore my official personal trainer name tag and bright red shirt with PERSONAL TRAINER written in all caps across the back. After I licked the chocolate off my fingers I went directly to the nearest tattoo parlor and got HYPOCRITE stamped across my face. Take that personal training that is stealing my life.

So now that my hours are picking up, I'm beginning to recognize the well-known and unwelcome onset of burnout. That feeling you get after working until 8 pm one evening only to spend what little is left of your night dreading the 6 am start the next morning. And getting up for 5 days in a row and doing it all again.

And then there's the people. Good Lord, the people.

Sometimes I just want to throw my folder in the people's face and yell, "Fine then. If you don't like what I have planned, make up your own damn workout then give it to me so I can do. Without complaining." It's not like I want to think up my own exercise program after planning everyone else's all day anyway.

And just so this blog entry isn't completely worthless, here's another little morsel from my snack mix of helpful exercise niblets: Most exercises, the first time you do them, are going to feel awkward, uncomfortable, and uncoordinated and you likely won't enjoy them. Get. the hell. over it. Eventually you'll build up the strength and control you need to accomplish them. And those are the exercises that, when you finally get them, will become your favorites. Partly because you'll feel really good at it, and partly because all your friends will think you're really cool and strong for being able to do this really hard exercise.

As soon as all this whining stops ringing in my ears and I can maybe get 12 straight hours away from a gym, we'll start talking workouts again. I have some good ones, but let me just warn you they're going to be hard. Here's the solution: shove your face full of doughnuts before you start and you'll have no room left for all your complaints.

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