Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've gone through half a can of diet coke and still no title, so this one doesn't have one

So yesterday's blog, yeah? Now that you've met my inner b**** we can move right along...

Here's today's workout:

You're going to do each exercise for the suggested time interval:rest break ratio and then repeat it for the suggested number of sets:

Speed squats (body weight squats as fast as you can or squat jumps for added difficulty)
30 sec:30 sec x 5 sets

Lunges (standing or jumping, alternating legs within each interval)
30 sec:30 sec x 5 sets

Bosu wobble plank (in push up position with hands on the flat side of an upside down Bosu ball, rock from side to side, keeping abs tight, hips low, and trying not to let your hips roll side to side with you; you can substitute alternating push-up planks here if you want)
30 sec:30 sec x 5 sets

Tricep kickbacks
30 sec:30 sec x 3 sets each arm

Turkish get-up (lying supine, hold a weight or kettlebell above your head and stand up, keeping the weight above your head the entire time. You can use your other hand to help yourself up if you need)
45 sec:15 sec x 5

Bicycle crunches
30 sec:30 sec x 5

Obviously, feel free to switch out exercises that you're unfamiliar with and add in something else instead (standards like push-ups, sit-ups, behind the back dips, thrusters, burpees, mountain climbers, high knees, etc. are all good exchanges).

Ok, that's all the fitness talk I have in me for today. Join us next time for some emotional outpourings completely unrelated to exercise.

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