Monday, April 19, 2010

How it all started...

Week 1: (January 18-23) After two semesters of attempt, we finally have the Personal Training Program up and running at HPURec! The program’s initiation has been repeatedly postponed as Mat, the Director of HPU Rec, attempted to finalize all the legal proceedings necessary for implementing such a service to students. At the end of last semester, when the liability contracts were finally approved, Mat put the development and execution of the program, as well as any other certified trainer hoping to work for HPU, under my control. Beginning this semester, his primary role has been to oversee and provide approval or clearance when my standing as an HPU student prevents a necessary action.

The first week was a bit of a frustration as, in the midst of its very first step, the program got tripped up on the unforgiving foot of miscommunication: the announcement proclaiming its emergence never went out in the campus-wide email updates from the Concierge, further delaying the actual launch date yet another week. Finally, after three days without any indication that an announcement had even been created to be posted, I took it upon myself to begin attracting clients. Rather than waiting for the official sign-up sheet with the HPU Rec logo to show up at the front desk, I printed my own copy on plain white paper and placed it with the other informational handouts at the entrance of the gym. By the next morning, each of our 3 trainers had clients waiting to be contacted.

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