Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 7

March 1-5: So thus began the first week of session 2…

I was expecting the first week of scheduling initial meeting times to be a logistical disaster, but everything actually worked out a lot better than I thought it would. Surprisingly, all 7 of the girls who signed up on the interest sheet chose a different 30 min window off of the list of available times that I offered. Since we only had this one week before spring break, I figured I would use the time to have the initial meetings so people could sign and fill out paperwork, but I wouldn’t begin actual workouts until we got back from break. And for me personally, the week of personal training “light” was a much needed reprieve.

For this session, in addition to the people who put their names on the 2nd session sign-up sheet, I decided to continue with two of my clients from last session who diligently attended every session and were beginning to show marked progress. I’ve decided after my experience last session that four weeks for personal training is far too short, especially if I only meet with a person once a week. As I’ve recently learned in exercise physiology, strength gains within the first four weeks are predominantly neuromuscular, and thus by the time I actually get to the hypertrophy phase of adaptation with each girl, I have to set them free. So I added some earlier morning hours to make room for one of my favorite clients. I call this method “Long-Term Analysis of Amy’s Effectiveness as a Personal Trainer.”

By the end of the week I had met with all but one of my potential clients. So my roster for this session includes 7 new and 2 returning clients for a total of 9 poor souls who might go to bed sore every night for the rest of the semester.

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