Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 9

March 22-26: Last week I decided to try using a foundational workout with each of my clients with minor changes to fit each of their individual needs, and having tried the method more than twice in a row, I am happy to discover that it works!!! Rather than hastily planning 7 different workouts which is often exhausting and mentally draining as I run out of new exercises by the last routine, I spend quality time creating a skeleton of a workout that flows together seamlessly and can be expanded upon based on which client I am working with.

My favorite part about this session so far is the opportunity I have to work with two clients at one time. Both girls are motivated and enthusiastic about being involved in personal training and I enjoy watching the interactions between them. Working with two people at once makes planning workouts that much more important, as I have to consider how to balance exercises that require the use of a machine or set of dumbbells when only one is available. I have begun to utilize both supersetting and circuit techniques, which also eliminates rest time between exercises. Working with multiple clients rather than just one on one has made me consider teaching group exercise classes in addition to personal training.

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