Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 8

March 15-19: Back from spring break and ready to start working again...

Last session, I often designed a different workout for each client due to their varying fitness levels, weight-room experience, and individual goals. While it challenged my creative ability, it also demanded a great deal of extra planning. This session, most of my clients are relatively experienced exercisers so for this first week, I am going to make many of their workouts foundationally the same with only minor changes to fit their personal goals and preferences. Though I am far from expert, I am beginning to be able to better analyze my clients' abilities, which makes for more successful workouts that need less tweaking. As the semester picks up, I am very thankful for the luxury of being able to use one workout with multiple clients, not only for convenience sake, but also because each time I lead the exercise routine, I am more confident in my directions. This is evident to clients and makes them feel assured that their workout has been thoroughly thought out and is being executed with certainty.

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