Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 10

March 29-April 2: I've been very lucky so far in my array of clients and have truly enjoyed working with each of them. For the first time, however, I'm beginning to feel consistently frustrated toward one specific session. This client is often difficult to read, which makes open communication more challenging from the beginning. To compensate, I try to ask more questions to gauge feedback and determine her reactions to the exercises prescribed. Often, her answers are unhelpful or half-hearted so it is difficult to tell if they are in fact true. While most of my clients come in energetic and ready to engage in whatever activity I prescribe, this client sometimes seems almost resentful of her time spent in sessions, which makes for a very frustrating 45 minutes as I feel time spent on exercise routines is making her miserable. As discomforting as our interaction is, I still appreciate the responsibility and opportunity to help her meet her fitness goals. However, this week I was forced to address with her the issue of attendance when she missed both our scheduled meeting times within the week. Though it has not been enforced up until this time for lack of necessity, our program does have an attendance policy due to the high demand of a service offered free of charge to university students. Upon sending an email notification of the policy and the possible consequences of missing sessions, the client failed to show up to our next meeting time without affording me any notification.

The majority of my experience so far has been nothing but enjoyable, and every student I have worked with thus far has expressed such great appreciation for the time I put into their sessions. Other than this one incidence, I have had no additional frustrations in my experience so far.

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